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How to Prevent Costly Damage to Your Business | SERVPRO® of Jackson/SE Ingham County

6/17/2022 (Permalink)

a large commercial building with extensive damage to roof and siding SERVPRO of Jackson/SE Ingham County is your local commercial disaster team. Contact us to learn more about our commercial damage restoration services.

Due to their significance in society, it is important to keep local businesses healthy and productive. Between maintaining a positive work environment, training employees and dealing with paperwork, business owners have enough on their plate.

The last thing a business owner wants to worry about is the potential damage natural disasters can cause.

In only the last five years, the amount of damage caused by natural disasters has slowly but steadily increased. On average, the cost of damages has reached over $150 billion per year according to the NCEI.

Flooding and severe storms are common causes of damage in places like Michigan and are expected to happen every year. With 9% of Lansing being floodplains, that area covers over 200 major businesses. When snowstorms occur and the snow melts, flooding is expected to happen.

Below is how to prevent the commonly caused damages when disaster strikes:

Water Damage

Anywhere in the United States, water and flooding can be an issue. But in areas where snowfall is heavy and constant, ice presents a slightly different threat. As the ice melts and turns into water, it can cause severe damage to your commercial property.

When precipitation is heavy, the local rivers can fill up and cause flooding as well. It is important to check the areas around your business that are prone to letting water seep in. One way to reduce these effects is to landscape routes to control the flow of water and direct it away from the building structure.

Additionally, once water does get in, it is imperative to attack it right away. To see where water has affected your building, look for warping and discoloration on your walls, ceilings and even floors. Once wood begins to rot, it can become a very expensive problem in a very quick manner.

Storm Damage

Even at a lower intensity, storm damage can shake trees, cause power outages and launch small debris into the air. At a higher level, storm winds can exceed 100 mph and tear trees from the ground.

Storm damage in Michigan is one of the most common causes of natural disaster damage. Recently, a tornado with 140 mph winds tore through Gaylord, devastating the city.

While the damage can be extreme and wretched, there are a few things you can do to mitigate the damage it can cause to your business and your community. Firstly, secure any loose furniture/decorations outside your business. This signage and furniture can become deadly projectiles.

Next, you should check the areas on your exterior to make sure they’re sealed and secure. Doors, windows and roofs should be inspected to reduce the chance they’ll go flying when these storms happen.

Storm-protective window covers can help prevent the damage caused in the event of an emergency.

Know Who To Call

Whether it’s winter-based flooding or gale-force winds tearing through your area, it’s best to be prepared for anything and everything. Even simple actions of prevention can save money, resources and lives.

In the event that damage does occur, however, we are available 247, allowing us to promptly respond to any kind of disaster. Our expert team can identify the most beneficial restoration plan and implement it in the correct way.

If you have experienced damage to your business or want to learn more about our commercial damage restoration services, contact us today. We’re here to act fast, 247.

We Can Restore Your Business After Any Disaster | SERVPRO® of Jackson/SE Ingham County

6/8/2022 (Permalink)

man in suit talking on cellphone SERVPRO of Jackson/SE Ingham County are your business restoration experts!

A workplace disaster is inconvenient for a variety of reasons. When an emergency shuts down
your business, productivity suffers, and some organizations never recover. Equipment is
damaged, customer contact is lost and you are left to deal with costly damage.

When it comes to your business, time is money! That is why SERVPRO’s quick and professional restoration services are the answer to any workplace damage. We have the tools to
get your Jackson/SE Ingham County business back on track, regardless of the size of the damage.

Discover all the areas of damage that we can help you repair:

Fire damage. Fire damage is a devastating event, especially for commercial properties.
Following a fire, your company is left with damaged property and possessions that must be
repaired or rebuilt. We can begin repairing the damage caused by the flames as soon as you
contact us.

Water damage. Appliance leaks, roof leaks and leaky pipes are all common causes of water
damage within the workplace. Water damage can develop fast, so early restoration is critical to
protecting your business. SERVPRO can quickly be on the scene to address any water damage
to your property.

Storm recovery. Severe weather can have disastrous effects on your business. When damage occurs, productivity is halted, and your office could be left in disarray in some circumstances. We have the resources to clean up and rebuild any damage caused by flooding, hail or severe winds.

Mold remediation. Mold is a hazard that can arise as a result of excess moisture from water
damage or floodwater. Mold can develop on damp surfaces within 24 to 48 hours after water damage, so fast action is required. SERVPRO can assess your mold growth and provide the
best approach to remediate the damage to your business.

What We Do to Restore Your Business
Every disaster necessitates its own restoration method. We can examine the damage to your
business and come up with a solution.

We can quickly detect and measure moisture in your company’s floors, ceilings and walls using
technologies such as an infrared camera for issues such as water damage or flooding. In some
cases, standing water must be removed; we can collect water efficiently using submersible and
gas-powered pumps.

Mold infestations are treated by our experts by detecting and contaminating mold to prevent it
from spreading. We use antimicrobial techniques to element mold and stop the spread. From
there, we can deodorize and sanitize your entire business to restore it to preloss condition.

Our approach to fire damage restoration begins with an examination of the flame and smoke
damage. Our SERVPRO team then uses specialized equipment to remove any smoke or soot from your business’ ceilings, walls and other surfaces. We may then clean and deodorize your
company’s structure or any items impacted by flames.

SERVPRO is the solution to any workplace disaster. We can quickly remediate any damage and get your business back up and running! Contact us today.

Do You Have a Plan in Place for Your Business? | SERVPRO® of Jackson/SE Ingham County

6/6/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee standing in office next to a person reviewing plans If the day comes where your business is hit with disaster, you can rest assured SERVPRO of Jackson/SE Ingham County will be there to help.

When you manage a business, you not only have full-time job duties, but you also have a never-ending to-do list. There’s no doubt you have a lot on your plate, whether it’s staffing or payroll, inventory or marketing.

But if you aren’t prepared for disasters, all of your hard work could be in jeopardy. You’ve put in a lot of effort to get to where you are now. Don’t you want to do everything you can to ensure that your company can weather any storm?

Because businesses are so busy, it is easy to let some things slip the mind. One of those things oftentimes is disaster preparedness. When a fire, hurricane or any type of disaster hits a business, it’s often difficult or impossible to get it back up and running.

According to FEMA, 40% of small businesses close permanently following a disaster, and a significant portion of those that do reopen close again in less than a year.

When devastation strikes your company, having a strategy in place for what you’ll do ahead of time might be the difference between survival and failure. Three-quarters of small businesses in the United States don’t have a disaster plan in place. Businesses that are prepared for a disaster are the ones who come out on the other side.

SERVPRO of Jackson/SE Ingham County assists companies in our area in preparing for disasters by developing a Emergency Ready Plan that is tailored to a company’s needs, location and industry. Your business will be able to minimize downtime if you have a strategy in place since you’ll know what to do if disaster hits.

Natural disasters are already obstacles in and of themselves. Make every effort to ensure that you are prepared to bounce back if one strikes. We’re here to assist you with your Emergency Ready Plan today.

When your business is ready to prioritize planning and safety to prevent extended downtime, contact SERVPRO to get the Emergency Ready Plan underway from the folks who know all there is to know about disaster and recovery.

Your Business Can Count On SERVPRO® Team When Minutes Matter | SERVPRO® of Jackson/SE Ingham County

5/26/2022 (Permalink)

tornado SERVPRO of Jackson/SE Ingham County is ready to help your business today!

If you were asked how many tornadoes hit Michigan, on average, what would you guess the answer was?

It’s 17. While the numbers vary each year, the Great Lakes State will have an average of 17 tornadoes touch down every storm season. (If you’re interested, you can check out the number of storms every year since 1950 through the Lansing State Journal.)

These seasonal storms can cause big problems, especially when they hit homes and businesses in our communities. If a disaster happens, it’s vital to begin the reconstruction process as quickly as possible.

That’s where we can help you. When your business is damaged, you’ll want to begin the rebuilding process as soon as you can. It’s vital to keep your business open and thriving—and relevant in the community.

We’ll be here to help you with this important task if a tornado, severe storm, blizzard or accident impacts your business. Here’s a closer look at why we’re the right choice for you:

Our technicians have all the relevant certifications. Whether you’re looking for help dealing with water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, mold or something else, our team is prepared to help your business thrive.

The technology we use is advanced. Because we’re associated with SERVPRO, we have access to leading-edge technology that can be used on our jobs. When this technology is in the hands of our highly trained and skilled technicians, it can make a big difference.

We create personalized plans for our clients. Our teams take everything into account when we build a plan to restore your business. You’ll know it’s based on our expertise.

You can reach our experts at any time. Timing is vital, so we have team members who are ready to guide and support you 24/7. Don’t wait to call us and get your business restoration project started!

Whether you’re looking for a long-term disinfection service or need help restoring your property after an emergency, your SERVPRO team is ready to help. Contact us at any hour to see our exceptional service in action. We’re ready to help you get your business ready to open again.

SERVPRO Is Ready to Help | SERVPRO® of Jackson/SE Ingham County

5/24/2022 (Permalink)

a workspace and cubicle showing signs of water damage SERVPRO of Jackson/SE Ingham County are your local commercial restoration experts. Contact us today should you experience any damage.

You are well aware as a business owner that managing a smooth operation involves the utilization of as much assistance as possible. Significant delays or losses can have a disastrous impact for your organization.

Whatever sort of business or facility you manage, we want you to know you already have a business partner ready to help with cleaning and disaster recovery practically right around the corner. It’s like having a loyal ally in charge of an entire aspect of your business’s success.

Large Loss Recovery. The most prevalent causes of financial loss for businesses in the United States are fires, storms and floods. Each of these disasters has the potential to inflict considerable damage if restoration is delayed, so do not wait when these occurrences strike—call SERVPRO. You’ll communicate with a highly trained staff person who is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week to begin the process with you, thereby reducing downtime and speeding your process of resuming operations again.

Emergency Ready Plan. You may or may not know that disaster recovery can begin prior to the event. We can help you in building an Emergency Ready Plan that is deployed on demand. Following a disaster, you might need everything from a temporary emergency chain of command to alternate meeting and work spaces or temporary suppliers. We’ll design your plan so that everything can be activated through a single click.

All-Purpose Cleaning. We have solutions for any cleaning need. From highly specialized services like as trauma site cleanup and safe biohazard removal to more generic ones such as carpet and upholstery cleaning, we can offer the whole spectrum of cleaning services to homes and businesses. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’ve seen and cleaned just about everything!

Restoration Services. The unpredictable happens all the time. You never know when a storm will generate flash floods, when interns could start the kitchen on fire or when a waterline will burst. SERVPRO’s repair and cleaning services are necessary in each of these instances. You can trust us to restore the sparkle to your organization after a disaster event, from cleanup to restoration.

Industry Specialization. We can help a vast assortment of industries and businesses as we have spent decades learning the distinct ins and outs of each one. We can assist your company with any one-of-a-kind specialized service or any basic cleaning or repair requirements. In many situations, we’ll even enclose the work area to keep it distinct from other parts of your business’s everyday operations.

Whatever your recovery need may be, and whatever your commercial property may require, trust SERVPRO to get the job done. Contact us today to get started on an Emergency Ready Plan or find out how we can serve your business.

Emergency Ready Profile

2/9/2022 (Permalink)

commercial business building Call SERVPRO of Jackson/SE Ingham County so we can help you set up an Emergency Ready Profile!

Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Are you a local business looking to prepare and protect yourself for when a flood, fire, or another disaster strikes? Having a preparedness plan in place increases your readiness and lessens the amount of time your business operations are put on hold due to a disaster. Let your friends at SERVPRO of Jackson/SE Ingham County help! By developing an Emergency Ready Profile with us for your business, you minimize business interruption by having an immediate plan of action.

Emergency Ready Profile

  • An assessment of your facility provided at no cost.
  • Provides facility details such as shut-off valve locations, priority areas and priority contact information.
  • Identification of the line of command for authorizing work to begin.
  • A concise profile document that contains only the critical information needed in the event of an emergency.
  • Establishes SERVPRO of Jackson/SE Ingham County as your disaster mitigation and restoration provider.

We all know Murphy's Law strikes at the most inopportune moments and when we least expect it. By pre-planning for a disaster, you can bring you and your business peace of mind. 

Develop an immediate plan of action today! Call SERVPRO of Jackson/SE Ingham County! We are your local restoration and mitigation experts.